Den Nakna Pitchen (The Naked Pitch)

Den Nakna Pitchen (The Naked Pitch translated into English) is a book based on a Bachelor thesis that I conducted together with Anna Högström during the winter of 2013/2014. In the study, we interviewed nine graphic designer at advertising and design agencies in Stockholm. The topic was pitch and the study examined the designers' thoughts and experiences regarding the pitch. The results indicates a complex process that, according to previous research on agency-client relationships, is not building long-term relationships. The graphic designers who were interviewed often expressed a desire for change and the majority considered it as an unethical process. The Naked Pitch is my visualization of the designers' thoughts about the pitch. The layout in an attempt to create two layers of design – one representing the clients and the other the graphic designers. In an industry often dominated by clients, the graphic designers in this book is those with the highest voices. Much like how the Dadaists opposed the society, the graphic designers in this book opposes the structure that currently exists regarding pitches.

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